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Versatile Innovation 

Brutally strong to withstand the most abusive 
of environments. 

Rugged, sexy design... badass is beautiful

Modular design and options make Invictus
the most versatile light 

The Torrix Invictus series of driving lights utilize our patent pending removable Hybrid Head Unit. This system mounts the head to an electrified base mounted on the vehicle.  The head is firmly locked to the base continuously but can be removed at the touch of a button when the key is on, providing convenience versatility without concern for theft or drop out.


Our modular design and Hybrid Head Unit makes applications for Invictus nearly infinite.  Remove Invictus from its base and snap on a Power Stick for an incredibly bright flashlight.   Or simply take the head unit off and carry it in your hand.  Its on-board power supply (patent pending) provides 24 hours of light.   When you get to camp, click it onto our lantern attachment and power pole for all night bright lantern light the way camping was meant to be.  Hang it from a tree, stick it to a pole or snap it onto any ferrous surface for perfect convenience without sacrificing lumens.


The Light Head of Invictus easily rotates in a 3/8” billet outer support. This allows 110 degrees of vertical rotation.  Perfect for not just aiming your driving light, but providing the exact light needed in every application and attachment.


With its 110 degrees of vertical head rotation and magnetic base, Invictus is the perfect trail fix companion.  Powerful neodymium batteries in the base allow connection and horizontal rotation.  This combination provides adjustment of light to just the right spot in almost any application while connection to its base or attachments is handled through mechanical means. 

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