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About Us



The Torrix brand of off-road products comes from years of experience in real world, commercial, recreational and extreme off-roading.  Our principals are different,  our vision is different and our performance is definitely a new high mark.   

Our Vision

When we started this brand  we knew that the world didn't need another "me too, skin deep beauty" line of products.  And we were all too happy to oblige.  Premium off-road vehicles are built  by those who demand the best.  They are built by those who are not followers.  The vision of Torrix is the vision of these people.  It is to set a new standard in design, features and quality.  Rugged hard core capabilities are designed into every product we make.  It is then  wrapped in elegant design that tells the world you know where you're going... and nothing will stop you from getting there.  

Our Vision doesn't end there.  At Torrix we envision not only the future for our products,  but the past for our culture.  That is to say a level of service that we all should expect when we spend our money.   We know there are choices and earning your business is more than just making a great product, It is creating a great experience.  

Our Team



Ranch's has been involved in the off road world since he was 6 when he began riding and racing motocross.  Finishing a Pro season after ten years he decided it was time to move on.

​For 19 years he worked in the Jeep parts industry running Military Equipment and Parts Co (MEPCO).   MEPCO was Utah’s largest Jeep parts and accessories companies.

In 1996 Ranch co-founded TeraFlex. The first company to develop articulating control arms.  Tera grew from two partners (Mark Falkner and Ranch) to 4 and over 300 employees. Recently sold, TeraFlex continues to enjoy being one of the premier off road brands in the world with hundreds of accessories and a wide range of product types.

While service as President of TeraFlex and MEPCO, Ranch Founded the RockCrawlers Association of America (ARCA) This organization created the sport of rockcrawling as a scored, professional motorsport and quickly became Americas fastest growing motorsport.  Over the course of a few years the competition changed from a Jeep driven sport to full buggies, rear engines and extremely capable machines that could compete in desert type events as well as rockcrawling.   The organization changed to from ARCA to RCAA and then merged with other entities to form UROC.  Featured in mainstream media like the New York Times, ESPN and as a premier at SEMA UROC was the foundation of rock-based sports still ran today.

In the early 2000’s Ranch co-founded Prodigy Engineering and helped secure a contract with the Department Of Energy through the Electric Propulsion Research Instite (EPRI) developing plug in hybrid electric Full size truck and vans. Developments from this propel EV’s to this day. 

Over all of this time Ranch saw the not only the vehicles change, but the industry and the end user as well.  "Jeep and off-road users today want the best off-road vehicle possible.” Said Ranch, “they want to know their vehicle is built professionally, they don't want to be pushed into a decision that is best for the seller and they demand what has mostly been lost in the world… Exceptional Customer Service.”  “Our mission is to give them every part of this and more.”


Dana Zamalloa has a 23-yr seasoned marketing and sales background with extensive knowledge in all platforms of marketing.  She is known for bringing a signature spin to branding and developing one-of-a-kind memorable activations.


Dana has held key marketing positions with Toyo Tires and and Continental Tires and  was instrumental in bringing  them to the forefront of the off-road market.

Dana's ability to cross promote and recognize off-road talent in the competitive off-road world is unique,  as has been proven with her efforts in promoting many top competitors like BJ Baldwin and Robby Gordon.   

So connected with the off-road industry and off-road trends that non off-road seek her expertise.  She has worked on marketing projects for many companies including Red Kap - VF Image Corporation, Indigo Industries, West Coast Customs shop and TV show, Universal Studios - Fast and Furious 7, Robby Gordon's Stadium Racing Series, Rip to the Tip TV show, Rip to Cabo and Brenthal Industries.

Dana was key in saving the Mint 400 (now the premier off road desert race in the nation.) She has helped dozens of teams compete and grown the sport beyond measure.  





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